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Address: 19 Shota Rustaveli St.
Phone: 38-044-2271135

The Kinopanorama Theater is located on Shota Rustaveli Street in typical monumental building, which was constructed during the Stalinist epoch. This is one of the oldest and most famous theatres in Kiev that is also known for its romantic vintage ambience. It was constructed in 1954 as the first panoramic movie theater in USSR.
The theatre is still popular among Kiev citizens even after the appearance of modern type movie theaters and complexes in the city. This classical cinema specializes on European and national Ukrainian productions and has something to offer to people of every age and generation. Elders value the retro atmosphere and classical manner while young people love the Kinopanorama Theatre for its democratic style and price policy.
Excellent and thought-out Dolby digital sound, the most beautiful cinema hall in Kiev, classically decorated public area interiors, cozy and reasonably priced cafe with a wide assortment of various coffee brands and tickets of moderate price - these are the distinguishing features of the Kinopanorama. The friendly staff is always willing to help.
This movie theater is also famous for organizing various campaigns in order to support the best national Ukrainian movies and diverse festivals and retrospectives as well. It seems that every cultural worker being in Kiev goes to visit this movie theatre. Such famous persons as Sergey Paradzhanov, Barbara Brylska, Stanislav Govorukhin, Vladimir Menshov and Vera Alentova, ambassadors of Canada, France, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic and Estonia visited this place and paid their love and homage to it.
The price policy of this modernly equipped movie theater is also one of the reasons why it is still so popular among the citizens of Kiev. Another reason is its ambience and the classical spirit, which is so hard to find at present time.

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