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Ukraine is one of the most technically equipped and cozy movie theatres in Kiev, history of which started at the very beginning of the 20th century.
In 1903 the building of Hippo-palace circus was raised on the place of the contemporary complex. For that time the building was really unique. It was the only one two-storey circus in Europe. It was also able to accommodate 2,000 people at once, which was quite unusual for that time. The building also used to have unique acoustics, so various concerts usually took place there. Such famous Opera singers as Fyodor Shalyapin, Leonid Sobinov and others performed there. The visitors to Hippo-palace had a great chance to witness performances of famous Russian poet Mayakovsky and writer Kuprin. At the beginning of the 20th century it was one of the cultural life centers of the city.
In 1964 the opening ceremony of the Ukraine Theater took place on the place of a former circus. The theatre, which is the first broadside movie theatre in Kiev, was designed by architects L. Dobrovolsky, A. Kosenko, V. Sozansky.
From 1962 till the present day the Ukraine Theatre is known as a premier movie theater. The demonstration of the best new foreign and Soviet productions was always accompanied by sensation.
Technical characteristics of this movie theater were and still remain the best in Kiev. But the main thing that attracted the audience was a unique calm and homelike atmosphere. Nowadays this cinema center still remains the island of coziness and calm in a noisy and anxious center of the city.
The Ukraine was opened after reconstruction in the February of 2001 and nowadays is one of the best theaters in the country in terms of interior design, quality of service, location and program. The guests to the theater can watch there the newest films. During the first year after reconstruction about 250,000 viewers visited 80 brightest premiers of world cinema.
The technical equipment of this movie theater corresponds to all the modern standards. In both halls the newest motion picture projectors are installed. The main distinguishing feature of the seven-channel Dolby Digital Surround Ex system is the additional surround-channel of Dolby Digital format that helps to spread the sound in the hall more accurately and to transmit all the fine points of the special effects. Dolby Digital Surround Ex strengthens the felling of authenticity of what's happening on the screen.
The two halls of the Ukraine Theatre, The Red Hall and The Blue Hall, are equipped with special sound-absorbing panels, new pearl screens and comfortable seats made by Spanish company Love-seats. The seats feature special props for drinks and pop-corn. In the foyer there are six monitors, video projector and three bars with the variety of traditional snacks and drinks. The comfortable summer terrace is located on the second floor of the movie theater.
In the right wing of the Ukraine Theater building the 24 hours restaurant that serves Italian and French cuisine is located. The restaurant is able to seat up to 120 people at once. Its menu features a wide selection of traditional Italian pastas and a broad variety of Italian, French, Chilean and Georgian wines and various cocktails.
Nowadays this modern theatre is one of the most favorite places for rest and entertainment among Kiev citizens.

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