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The Florence Theatre was opened on the 11th of November, 1989. It gained its name in honor of a twin-city of Kiev, the famous Italian city of Florence. The luxurious opening ceremony was attended by a lot of famous Ukrainian actors and public figures. Famous Ukrainian actor Bogdan Stupka (ex-Minister of Arts and Culture of Ukraine), honored actress of Ukraine Raisa Nedashkovska and a lot of other famous people and creative collectives have greeted the first visitors of this cinema.
There are four halls in the Florence Theatre. These halls in general are able to seat up to 1032 people. There are: Florence Hall with 502 seats, Radosin Hall with 288 seats, Retro Hall with 186 seats and Chipollino Hall designed specially for children and able to seat 56 visitors. Every hall features a scene, which is suitable for conducting concerts, live shows, presentations and special events for children as well. All halls are staffed with all the useful modern technical audio and video equipment.
This is not a shiny modern American-type movie theater with pop-corn and drinks, but huge screens, good sound and image, soft seats, perfect cleanness and order, friendly personnel are the main characteristics of Florence. The careful staff is always willing to help you. Everything in this theatre is accurate and elegant. The interior design is modern and homelike. The most distinguishing and unique feature of the Florence interior is many-tier foyer with glass cupola, fountain and a greenhouse with flowers on each of the tiers. This foyer is a very good place for meeting and conversation before or after watching the movie.
Nowadays this movie theater is the main cultural center of Troyeshina district. It resumed its work on the 15th February of 2000 after three year long interruption with the demonstration of the movie called "Star Wars. Episode 3. Hidden Threat".
It's not a premier movie theater but nowadays demonstrations of the newest movies and cartoons take place there and not much later than in modern private premier cinemas. This is a very friendly and calm place. The Florence is very suitable for family rest, as it always features special performances for children and has to offer the novelties of the cinema industry for adults. For sure you want be disappointed after visiting the Florence Theatre.

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