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Travel Preparation

 Packing Tips

It's advisable that you take all important belongings in your carry-on bag. It will help in case your luggage is lost in the airport or on a train. Pack passport, tickets, itineraries, money, wallets and insurance cards in your carry-on bag.
It's important that you check your documents, visas, money and other important things prior to leaving home.
If you must take any prescription drugs (or drugs you are not sure about finding in another country), keep them at hand. Do not forget to write down the generic names of your medications, as brands might vary. Also, we recommend that you take a first-aid kit, which usually contains bandage, court plaster, antiseptic wipes, cold remedies, etc.
It might be as well to take needed phone numbers or other contact information of people at your destination and back at home.
If you are taking shampoos, soaps, laundry kits, shaving creams and other things like that, take travel size products. Note also that such products can be purchased in Ukrainian stores or markets.
One more thing you should take is a map. It will help you much to orientate yourself in a city you have never been to.

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