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Travel Preparation

 Choosing Accommodation

Choosing accommodation is one of the most important things one should do prior to getting on a plane. It's advisable to take a quick tour of the hotel before you reserve it.
Booking a hotel must depend primarily on a purpose of your visit. First we recommend that you define your own needs. The hotels that best meet them will be the best choice. Take into consideration a few important points, which are location, price and amenities.
Coming to Kiev for a few days only you will miss many interesting places staying in the outskirts, as the city's major attractions, museums and other places of interest are all situated in the center or near it.
Kiev has the best properties in Ukraine. So it will be easy to find hotels both in the central and outer parts of the city. You can research Kiev's most popular hotels on the pages of this guide and reserve the most suitable hotel just instantly.
When you have chosen and reserved a room, do not forget to check if your reservation is confirmed. Travel only when you have your confirmation.
The most popular hotels of Kiev, most of which are located in the central part of the city, are the Premier Place Hotel, the Dnipro Hotel, the Rus Hotel, the Kreschatik Hotel, the Bratislava Hotel, the President Hotel and some others.

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