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Paintball Federation of Kiev Region
Address: 23 Protasov Yar
Phone: 380-44-2681751

Paintball is a sport game that can be defined as an extreme one. It imitates military operations, but instead of real guns the players uses special pneumatic device called the marker and gelatin balls with paint instead of bulls. The paintball games usually take place in the open air, in the fields or in the forests with natural or artificial obstacles and shelters. Paintball can be a professional training for the policemen or the security guards. As for the rest of people, they play paintball just for fun and emotional relief. In the game usually participate two players or two teams, containing three players or more each, at the presence of judges. The players are given different tasks, they have to complete various missions and reach certain goals. The average game lasts about 20 minutes.
Anyone can play paintball, except for the kids under 12 years old. Paintball implies physical loads, but, according to the experts' estimation, it is less dangerous than tennis, football and golf. The players are obliged to wear special masks, and the speed of gelatin ball is low enough not to hurt an opponent. A small bruise is the most dangerous consequence of a game. However, all the player who try themselves in paintball for the first time, have to pass through the instruction concerning the safety during a game. After the instruction, a player is ready to step into the exciting world of paintball, complete tasks and missions, and have fun like he or she did in the childhood. A player is considered to have lost if on any part of his body or ammunition there is a paint spot larger than the quarter coin or if a player has left the borders of the game field.
The Paintball Federation of Kiev Region was founded to popularize the game of paintball among the citizens and the guests of the city, create all the necessary conditions for those who like the game and to propose the healthy way of life. It offers all the necessary equipment, fields of different relief and complexity, as well as professional instructors' and judges' assistance. The federation welcomes all the paintball lovers and greets everyone who is ready to try this unusual kind of sport and entertainment.

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