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On the 22d of January of 2002 on the 4th floor of the department store "Ukraine" the first 4-hall movie theater in Kiev was opened.
The Odessa Theatre represents the successful cinema network that originates from the city of Odessa and features Rodina Theatre, Moscow Theatre and Zvezdny Theatre. These theatres play an important role in the cultural life of the city of Odessa. They attract viewers with modern interior design, most up-to-date equipment and program that includes all the best movies.
Now the capital also has a multi-hall type theater that is very convenient for the viewers. Four halls in one cinema form an endless cinema production line. This helps to minimize the pauses between the performances so the viewers won't wait for the next show more than half an hour after buying a ticket. The program of the Odessa Theatre is somehow a kaleidoscope of the best cinema industry novelties.
The theatre occupies the whole 4th floor of the department store and has 1,600 square meters of actual space. The high-tech style and minimalism are the main themes of the interior. The vivid decoration of guest zone in foyer, bar and wardrobe contrasts with soft and cozy embellishment of small halls. Orange walls and ceilings of the foyer where viewers buy tickets, choose movies and halls correspond to the activity while the decoration of cozy halls complies with relaxation and concentration on performances.
The Odessa Theatre is notable for small halls, each of which has 127 seats. According to concept of many Western movie theaters it's more pleasant to watch cinema in a small company and space than in stadium-size hall. Halls of the theatre differ from each other by color. All of them feature convenient seats with props for coca-cola and popcorn. Soft upholstery of the halls and ceiling creates natural and comfortable atmosphere. In this atmosphere one can easily seat and watch even for three hours and a half. The optimal climate in halls is created by special temperature control system.
All halls are outfitted with modern projecting equipment and screens of German company Kinoton. Dolby Digital EX sound system of American company Electrovoice also helps to strengthen the feeling of authenticity.
The Odessa Theatre is one of the best movie theaters in Kiev. This is a place where one can get introduced to the best new movies in a cozy and homelike atmosphere of small halls. Every year the theatre becomes more popular and attracts new viewers.

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