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The Budapest Casino is known as the Kiev "entertainment factory" that offers various kinds of recreational activities. Once you are in the Budapest, you get bright emotions, pleasant memories and exciting leisure. The choice of entertainments in the casino is so rich that it satisfies even the most exquisite and exotic taste. This large complex includes restaurant, striptease bar, dance floor, variety show, cafe and luxurious casino.
The casino has reputation of a very secure, hospitable and cozy place to try one's luck. Those who are magnetized by the atmosphere of game and gambling are desirable guests of the Budapest Casino halls. Traditional games, such as Black Jack, Caribbean Poker and American Roulette are much fun to play. Professional instructors will gladly explain the rules of the games and give the first lessons to the beginners. As of experienced players and professionals, they will find equal partners and contenders.
Since the Budapest is one of the best casinos of Kiev and cares about its reputation and guests' convenience, all the details in the venue's halls are thoroughly considered. Soft sofas and armchairs, comfortable tables and irreproachable service are integral features of the Budapest. To guarantee the fair gambling, in the casino there is a special person, the video system operator, who will be happy to solve any problem or answer any question concerning the game prosecution. Reliable securities are always there to assure safety and atmosphere of stability. The casino guests appreciate the individual waiters whose duties involve money and checks exchange, filling of order and taking care of all the clients' needs and desires. Professional barmen will fix the guests delicious and nicely decorated alcohol and non-alcohol cocktails.
Games that the guests are offered to play in the Budapest Casino are very dynamic and impressive. Various tournaments and lotteries take place regularly, so each guest has an opportunity to win amazing prizes. The Budapest welcomes those who believe in their strength, luck and fortune.

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