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Address: 1/2 Kreschatik St.
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Working hours: Daily, 24 hours

Gambling means pleasure, risk and unforgettable emotions. Gambling gives everyone a unique chance to change his or her life and become more successful, wealthy and self-confident. Gambling is a perfect opportunity to test one's luck and game skills. There are many people who secretly like gambling, but there are much less of those who have enough courage to reveal his or her passion. The Gabriela Casino welcomes the brave ones.
One of the most luxurious casinos in Kiev is located in the very center of the city, on Kreschatik Street, in the Dnipro Hotel. It offers its guest to test their luck and abilities in such games as poker, Black Jack, American Roulette. The gamblers will appreciate the bar with free elite drinks and drawings of prizes that take place regularly. Every month a lucky one wins Jack Pot, total sum of which is 20,000 dollars. Daily there is an attractive possibility of winning the bonus prize, the total amount of which equals 200 dollars.
The Gabriela has an interesting program for its guests. Not to mention various contests and money prizes, the visitors to the casino will be entertained by dancing girls and live music. Those who feel themselves hungry are welcome to enjoy their meal at the banquet table. If one is tired of gambling or just needs a little rest, he can check out the night bar Millennium or the cigar club London offering various sorts of elite cigars and cognacs.
The casino gives much attention to all the guests. For the clients' convenience, there are three types of member cards that give various privileges and discounts to their owners. Member Card, Member Silver Card and Member Gold Card guarantee free parking, free drinks in the bar, participation in drawings of prizes, invitations to all the parties and events of the casino, table reservations, free taxi, various discounts and other nice surprises. Member cards symbolize that their owner is a very honorable and respectable guest to the Gabriela Casino. In the venue there is a special VIP hall intended for those players who value comfort, safety and high stakes risk.
The Gabriela will be happy to please you with great mood, cheerful atmosphere, unforgettable gambling and unmatched service.

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