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 Gorod Entertainment Center
Address: 7 Pavla Tichini Ave.
Phones: 380-44-5542050, 380-44-5538640
Working hours: Daily, 24 hours

The Gorod Entertainment Center consists of a sport bar, a casino and striptease shows. Once you are in spacious and elegant casino hall, you will be taken with the spirit of game. Comfort and convenience of the guests is the primary goal of the owners and workers of the Gorod.
Since the casino is called the Gorod, which means a city in English, it is decorated as a medieval town street. The interior gives an impression of traveling to the past, and the whole atmosphere disposes to the emotional splash outs. Gambling means passion, trust in one's luck, adrenalin throwing out and memorable feelings. Some of the game tables are located on the cozy balconies, where one can quietly think over cards' combinations.
Just like any other independent state, the Gorod Entertainment Center has its own currency. Thanks to rich traditions of the casino, its laws and rules, the venue is often called "the city in the city". The casino offers special discounts, bonus cards, vouchers and other incentives to the permanent clients.
The casino offers to try one's luck playing Black Jack, Poker and American roulette. The roulette is probably one of the simplest and most favorite games of both professionals and beginners. It is a traditional center of attraction of all casinos, as it gives opportunities to try many combinations, game systems and stake amounts.
Since the casino is located on the territory of the large entertainment center, one can spend some time gambling and then start explore the rest of the venue, which includes such seductive places as striptease bar, sport bar, billiards, slot machines and so on. By the way, the striptease shows in the Gorod Entertainment Center are ones of the hottest in whole Kiev.
At-home atmosphere, personnel complaisance and hospitality are integral features of the Gorod Casino. It welcomes the guests any time and is always glad to offer the best possible conditions for a good rest.

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