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Getting Around


Trains are one of the most popular means to travel between Ukrainian cities. It is much cheaper than air travel, and one of its advantages is that you can see the country "from within". Trunk railways link the capital of Ukraine to Russia, Poland, Hungary and to southern and western parts of the country as well.
The city of Kiev has only one railway station, which is located in the center, near the Vokzalna metro station.
Trains offer three types of compartment for long-distance train trips: first class compartments with 2 berths, second class compartments with 4 berths and the so-called platskarta, a carriage with numbered reserved seats, with 6 berths. If you need more privacy and more comfort, it's advisable to buy tickets for the entire compartment and travel alone.
Commuter trains, the so called "elektrichki", are aimed at suburban trips. Such trains are less comfortable and are equipped with wooden benches. In summer commuter trips can be very overcrowded.

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