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Getting Around

 Public Conveyances

While in Ukraine you can save on traveling using public transport. Buses, trolleybuses, trams, and subway are as commonly used here as privet cars. A passenger fare is 50 kopiykas (approx. $0.10) per ride. This fare is the same for buses, trams, subway and trolleybuses.
One may buy tickets at bus stops or from a controller on the bus. Alternatively, if you stay for one month or longer you can buy a monthly pass and use it as many times as you wish. Such a pass will cost you about 20 hryvnias. When you have bought a ticket, do not forget to punch it. Not punched tickets are invalid, and you might be charged a fine.
Kiev has a well developed network of subway trains. To go by metro, one should buy tokens (one token per ride) or metro pass (if you are going to use metro often, this option is the best). Tokens or metro passes can be purchased in a kiosk at any metro station.
Today a large network of minibus services develops fast in Ukraine, especially if the matter concerns big cities like Kiev. Minibuses are available in every corner of the city and can get you to your destination much quicker than common public conveyances. A passenger fare for minibus service is not fixed. It usually varies from 60 kopiykas to 1 hryvnia (approx. $0.12-0.20).
Public transport in Ukraine operates from 6 a.m. till 1 a.m.

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