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 Stolichny Standard
Address: 16 Kudryavskaya St.
Phone: 380-44-2120350

Kiev Distillery Stolichny Standard, originally named State Wine-Cellar Number 1, was founded in 1896, soon after the Forth State Alcohol Monopoly was introduced. The Ministry of Finance bought two mansions in Kudryavskaya Street to demolish them and to build on their place the complex of the State Wine-Cellar. The first bottles of vodka were produced in 1896. The functioning of Kiev distillery was interrupted by the World War I and recommenced in the 1920s under the Soviets. During the World War II the distillery was re-profiled and for a certain period produced bottles with ignition compound. Then, when more peaceful time came, it specialized in producing mineral water. In 1945 the distillery returned to the production of strong beverages. Since 2000 Kiev Distillery is owned by Ewans Ltd Company, that in 2002 was renamed Stolichny Standard.
There is no need describing the role of vodka in Russian culture and the significance of gorilka for the Ukrainians. These strong drinks are indispensable components of any holiday. No matter how rich the table may be, it just must be adorned with at least one or two bottles of vodka. The most popular sorts of gorilka offered by Stolichny Standard are Stolichny Standard Firmova, Stolichny Standard Osobliva, Stolichny Standard Klasichna, Stolichny Standard Ykrainska z Perzem and Stolichny Standard Zubrivka, each of which is worth of special mentioning. For example, Stolichny Standard Ykrainska z Perzem is made according to the old traditional recipe. Its original taste is enriched with the pungency of the capsicum. Stolichny Standard Osobliva is vodka with cayenne and white honey. Stolichny Standard also produces vodka Slavyanskaya that is made according to the old Russian recipe. The original mellow taste is emphasized with the subtle shade of rye bread crusts and honey. Stolichny Standard boasts an extensive collection of souvenir bottles with the most popular sorts of vodka and gorilka. A good present, they are nicely decorated and packed. The bottles shaped as an archer, Cossack, mace or pepper reflect the unique national character and will remind you of Ukraine. For those who are interested in the recent history, there is also a collection of bottles with recognizable Soviet symbols. Nowadays you can find the production of Stolichny Standard in many shops of the Ukrainian capital. There is also a specialized shop of the company where you can buy vodka, gorilka and wine of the Stolichny Standard and be sure that you would be never offered counterfeit or second-rate ware.

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