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 Pernod Ricard Ukraine
Address: 47 Artema St.
Phone: 380-44-2162861

Pernod Ricard is a well-known French company, one of the top worldwide operators in spirits and wines. The company was founded in 1975. Since then it has developed into a giant network through internal growth and ambitious acquisition of the most celebrated brands. In 2001 the branch of the Pernod Ricard Company was established in Ukraine on the basis of the Armenian Cognacs Company. The Pernod Ricard is engaged in importing of the top-quality alcohol drinks in Ukraine. Today Pernod Ricard is the leader in the alcohol market of Kiev, being among the 10 biggest alcohol importing and distributing companies in the country. Pernod Ricard offers the citizens of Kiev such world-famous cognac brands as Ararat, Martell, Bisquit. The Ukrainians as well as most people of the Former Soviet Union highly appreciate Armenian cognacs of the Yerevan Cognac Factory, which was bought by Pernod Ricard in 1998. Under the Soviets Armenian cognacs were extremely popular for their good quality and were treated as the signs of well-being. And although the word cognac is connected with France, for many Russians living in the Soviet and post-Soviet times it was associated mainly with Armenia. It should be mentioned that high-quality Armenian cognacs were popular not only in the Soviet Union but abroad as well. It is well-known that Churchill, a great connoisseur of top quality strong beverages, just adored cognacs of Armenia and it was Stalin who made him keen on them. At the Yalta Conference of 1944 the Soviet leader reckoned the Dvin, which is a sort of Armenian cognac, would make a good match for Churchill's prolific cigar habit and the British prime minister followed his advice. Churchill liked it so much that this cognac was shipped out from Armenia every year until his death.
The combination of rich sunshine of Armenia, its dry climate, delicious grapes and famous Caucasian hospitality create the original savor of Armenian cognacs. Today Armenian cognacs are highly competitive with the French ones. Of course, they differ a lot taking into account the taste, as each of them is unique in its own way, but at the same time they are alike as for the noble character of this beverage. Along with cognacs Pernod Ricard Ukraine provides the alcohol market of the country with Czech liqueur Becherovka, Scottish gin Seagram's, whiskey Chivas Regal, Glenlivet, 100 Pipers, and Jameson, Cuban rum Habana Club. Armenian cognacs and strong drinks imported by Pernod Ricard you can buy in the specialized shop, called Armenian Cognacs, located at 47 Artema Street.

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