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 Champagne Winery Stolichny
Address: Specialized Shop 1, 27 Syretskaya St.
Phone: 380-44-4687894
Address: Specialized Shop 2,16 Polyarnaya St.
Phone: 380-44-4120559

The people of Ukraine and other republics of the Former Soviet Union are used to greeting New Year and celebrating weddings and other family holidays with a bottle of Soviet Champagne. For the Russians and Ukrainians sparkling fireworks of Champaign have become an indispensable attribute of any holiday. In contrast to world-famous expensive French champagne Russian "shampanskoye", which is used to be translated as "champagne" in English, is meant for the average customer, but it doesn't mean the poor quality of Russian sparkling wine. The well-known Ukrainian producer of champagne and sparkling wines, Kiev Champagne Winery, has been functioning for more than half a century, since 1949, when the State Winery was established according to the directive signed by Stalin. But in fact, the history of the winery goes back to the middle of the 19th century when William Richert decided to build a brewery in Syretskaya Street. Producing about 30,000 bottles of beer daily, Richert's Brewery was the first one of this kind in Kiev. But the remarkable brewery was devoured by the Revolution. The new Soviet government decided to transform the brewery into tinned food factory, which was considered to be more urgent for that time. In 1949 it was decided to establish the winery, and the new page of the Kiev State Winery history was started.
The high quality, original flavor and taste of the wines and champagne produced by Kiev Champagne Winery have been awarded with more than 40 medals, most of which are gold. One of the latest awards, Kiev Champagne Winery is especially proud of, is the prize "Champagne 2002" won at the prestigious international festival-competition "Vybir Roku 2002". The assortment of Kiev Champagne Winery is quite extensive and offers modern Ukrainian sparkling wines and the best sorts of traditional "Sovetskoye Champansloye". For special events Kiev Champagne Winery offers exclusive sorts of Champaign, like the top-quality red sparkling wine Getmanskoye, sunny-gold dry and semisweet Zolote and noble ruby Yuvileine. Another line of Kiev Champagne Winery is the production of Souvenir Champagne in specially designed bottles. For example, a 6-liter bottle of exquisite semisweet Khreschatik is ideal for a large celebration with a lot of friends.

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