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Kiev is a busy city during the day and can give you a lot of new and bright impressions. But the evening is time to relax, take a deep breath and comfortably fix oneself in a soft armchair. In Kiev there are many venues offering various kinds of rest, and sometimes it is difficult to choose the place. This choice is especially difficult for those people who are in the Ukrainian capital for the first time.
Those who are looking for coziness, exciting leisure and unforgettable emotions are welcome to visit the Zaporozhye Casino. It is located in Podol, which is a quiet and peaceful district of Kiev, famous for its old curved streets, churches, cathedrals, the Merchants Yard and other interesting architectural buildings. The Zaporozhye is housed in a historical mansion, built in the 18th century. Situated in the very center of Podol, it harmonically completes the surrounding landscape.
The casino has reputation of one of the most noble and superb venues in Kiev. The gamblers are welcome to play such games as various kinds of Poker, Black Jack and American Roulette. The roulette is especially popular among the players, both beginners and experienced ones. Some guests confess that they have their own strategy of playing and even some omens that guarantee luck and victory. The game admirers call the roulette "a magic circle for the hidden treasuries discovery". They believe that the roulette represents the principles of life: the circle symbolizes eternity and the dot in the middle emblems the time concentration. Probably it is the symbolic meaning that makes the American Roulette so popular among the guests, some of which owe it their wealth and prosperity. The beginners also like to test their luck playing American Roulette. They hope that the famous omen that the mugs are always lucky in game will work for them. And sometimes it really does!
The games in the Zaporozhye Casino are quite simple, but still they give the gamblers strong emotions, pleasant tension and indescribable joy of success and victory. The experienced croupiers and instructors of the casino guarantee each gambler, regardless his or her game qualification, nice memories and wonderful time.

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