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 Vatra Club
Address: 5 Metallistov St.
Phone: 38-044-2416723/span>
Working hours: Daily, 12:00-05:00

The Vatra Nightclub is one of the oldest clubs in Kiev. It opened in 1982, when nightlife culture was not as popular and widespread as it is now. During more than 20 years of successful functioning the club was changing according to the spirit of the times, but it has always been attractive to the clubbers. The club offers its visitors various entertainments such as slot machines, Russian billiards and American pool, bar with extensive choice of drinks at very reasonable prices, cheerful atmosphere and fun all night long.
In the Vatra Nightclub there are two dance floors. Each of them is dedicated to certain music genre, so every guest of the club could dance to the music he or she prefers. The so-called Wooden Hall is the one where the clubbers are welcome to enjoy popular hits of European, American, Russian and Ukrainian stars. The Wooden Hall is the oldest and the most popular one: it functions since the day of the Vatra foundation. The dance floor is always crowded with those who enjoy moving to the favorite music in unusual treatment of resident DJs. Inflammatory music affects the wild crowd so that all the visitors of the club dance the best they can and even join their favorite singers and groups in singing. The Wooden Hall dance floor is busy with dancing people from the very beginning of the disco party. The clubbers enjoy two podiums where they can demonstrate all their dancing skills and abilities, and huge mirror that create illusion of extra space.
On the Underground dance floor the guests can hear alternative music, such as disco house, deep house, tech-house and other genres. It is the place of the most progressive and versed youth gatherings. Guest DJs from other cities and countries often perform in the nightclub Vatra, and usually their concerts take place on the Underground dance floor.
The club Vatra holds various events and parties for the clubbers. One of the most popular parties called the Cocktail Marathon takes place on Tuesdays. The party starts at 21:00 and lasts until 04:00 in the morning. During this time all the cocktails go with 50% discount, and the guests are welcome to try all kinds of cocktails, from non-alcohol ones to the strongest and the most unusual drinks. Another notable event that takes place in the Vatra is the DJs parade, when the club resident and invited DJs demonstrate their musical talents and make the crowd dance all night long until the total exhaustion.

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