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The Androgyne is a Kiev gay club that stands out for unusual show program and special care and attention for each guest. Androgynes are creatures from Greek mythology. They were demigods who combined male and female origins. Legend says that Olympic gods envied androgynies' all-sufficiency and divided them, turning into human beings who ever since are doomed to searching for their second halves.
The Androgyne Club opened in January, 2003 and became very popular among Kiev public. The club attracts people with unusual design, modern music of perfect quality and moderate prices. The thing is that the owners of the club did not want to make the Androgyne a venue for rich people, but they wanted it to be available for everyone who is interested in gay culture. This is the reason why a good supper in the Androgyne Club is much cheaper than in other nightclubs and restaurants of Kiev. In the bars of the club one can order anything he or she wants - from pure water to the craziest cocktail. The administrators of the club admit that the main thing for them is not getting profit, but convenience of all the guests. They want both men and women coming to the club to feel totally satisfied, and the workers of the club do their best to please the tastes and expectations of all the clubbers.
The Androgyne offers high level of security, so the guests of the club do not have to worry about their safety. In the venue there is bar, dancing floor and stage for shows. All the visitors are welcome to have a rest on cozy and soft armchairs and sofas. Those who want some privacy will appreciate the VIP hall with comfortable furniture and soft light. Professional chief is there for you, so that you can order any food you wish. In the video hall the guests are welcome to enjoy exquisite drinks of the mini-bar and revealing videos. Another place of entertainment is the maze that is not lighted, which guarantees privacy, unforgettable feelings and pleasant surprises.
The night program of the Androgyne Club deserves a special attention. It offers a stunning show with participation of the best travesty divas presenting bright turns, theater miniatures, unexpected transformations of the actors and expressive dances. Live music and professional ballet troupe make each show a real event in Kiev nightlife.

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