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The Split Casino is located in the historical center of Kiev. The first Ukrainian casino, it was opened in 1992. The legend says that at the very beginning of the 20th century the building that nowadays houses the Split was a famous gambling place. However, during the last twelve years the Split has made a long way and turned into elite casino and entertainment center, which is extremely popular among experienced players, both capital citizens and tourists. The VIP hall is especially attractive for those who like risk, high stakes and sweet taste of victory. The casino is the place that every gambler of the Ukrainian capital is familiar with, and the glory of the venue spreads far beyond the Kiev borders. The Split was the first one to start the new page of the Ukrainian gambling business, and the casino still carefully preserves the best traditions of one of the most respectable venues.
The Split Casino is a whole entertainment complex that includes game halls, bars, striptease rooms and a restaurant. Any time of a day cheerful personnel of the casino welcomes the guests and offers them plunging in the atmosphere of rest and total relaxation. An evening in the Split means the possibility of spending one's spare time the way one prefers, have fun and get satisfaction.
The set of games the Split guests are offered to play is traditional and includes Poker, Black Jack and American roulette. A wide spectrum of stakes and classical game system guarantee the seductive atmosphere of the real gambling venue. The casino indulges its permanent clients and beginners with exciting tournaments and actions that give the players a unique opportunity to win additional prizes and money. To guarantee the perfect security system and prevent cheating and cases of bunko games, all the casino halls are equipped with modern camera systems of video observation.
Dear guests of the Split Casino are offered such special services as free elite alcohol drinks in all the bars and halls of the casino, escort, guarded parking place, ATM machines and some others. The credit cards are willingly acceptable. The condition of starting a game is purchasing four checks, 25 hryvnias each.

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