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 Safe Club
Address: 23 Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya St.
Phone: 38-044-5360157
Working hours: Daily

The Safe Nightclub was founded in October, 2001. It justifies its name, as the club guarantees privacy, absolute safety and security. The club starts with a big metal door decorated with wheel-shaped massive door-handle, which is the proof of the Safe reliability. For the friends of the club the door is not an obstacle, but invitation to start having fun.
The stairs take the guests of the club downstairs, to the main hall. The whole venue is decorated in the high-tech style. Brick walls without plaster, light walls decorated as massive metal constructions, lamps hanging on thin flexible cords, silver furnishings and music flowing from powerful loud speakers create an impression of being in the open space or in the far future. The interior is exquisitely decorated with dark and light colors that perfectly harmonize and balance each other. The tables are covered with mat glass and adjoin comfortable gray sofas. In the heart of the main hall there are ascetic high tables and chairs made of ebony. The dance floor is located in the center of the main hall, but actually when music starts people are free to dance wherever they want to, including tables, bathrooms and bar counters. Resident DJs of the Safe Club play disco music, so those who like this genre will not be bored. Among the favorite DJs are DJ Korovin, DJ Denis Dzuba, DJ Nash and many others.
In the middle of the main hall there is a large screen that creates an illusion of being on the best fashion shows of the world. The variety of dishes and drinks pleasantly surprises those who value good cuisine and qualitative alcohol. VIP zone and chill out rooms are nicely decorated and offer perfect service and careful attention to each guest. The Safe meets all international standards and offers its guests European level of entertainments. Good energy, hospitable staff and crazy parties make the club attractive to both Kievers and the guests of the city.
Stylish and progressive young people are the most frequent visitors to the club. The motto of the Safe is treating those who come to the club not as customers or clients but as dear guests.

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