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 Opium Dance Club
Address: 1 g Saksaganskogo St.
Phone: 38-044-2055393
Working hours: Daily

The Opium Dance Club was founded in 2002. It was conceived as a night venue of the new type that would follow basic principles of dancing philosophy of the 21st century. The club became a very popular place among music gourmets, so the dance floor was always crowded with young and progressive people.
The main attribute of the Opium Dance Club was its music played by the coolest DJs from Ukraine and abroad. Those who party on the dance floor dance to music of different styles and genres, such as electronic vinyl music, acoustic music, saxophone, vocal, drum percussion, acid jazz, jazzy house, ethno with elements of ambient and so forth. Exotic attributes such as hookahs, sushi, and soft sofas create special and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for comprehension of Eastern culture secrets. On the second floor of the Opium Dance there is a spacious marquee, where those who like to smoke are welcome to spend some time trying various types and flavors of hookahs. In the chill out rooms the guests enjoy various alcohol drinks and listen to charming sounds of lounge music. VIP zones that perfectly harmonize with surrounding area offer its visitors all pleasures one can think of.
The club is equipped with light and sound equipment produced by German company Music Wave. Another feature of the venue is powerful video system that consists of projectors, large screens and video cameras. Among the stars that perform in the Opium Dance Club are Harem, Ravin, Luke Brancaccio, Funkstar Deluxe, Bhangra Knights and many others.
The Opium Dance Club is the place where theme parties regularly take place. For example, the Flying Dutchman party presents popular Dutch DJs and producers, XXL Cocktail party is dedicated to exotic cocktails and hot strippers, Element of Fire discotheque presents foreign DJs and allows everyone whose sign of the zodiac is Aries to enter in the club for free. In the Opium Dance Club parties participate DJs from many countries of the world, and the club's guests enjoy their performances as music is an international language.

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