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 Grand Plaza
Address: 1 Peremogi Sq.
Phone: 380-44-2366556
Working hours: Daily, 24 hours

The Grand Plaza is a large and cozy elite casino. It features luxurious classic interior, exquisite elegance, comfort and atmosphere of good game and good money. In the Grand Plaza one can choose from the variety of games, such as Black Jack, American roulette, many poker versions and so forth. The stakes vary between 2 and 10,000 hryvnias.
The guests and players of the Grand Plaza are welcome to enjoy the casino's bar that offers such drinks as cognacs, liqueurs, cocktails and other drinks. Fresh hot coffee will embolden the gamblers and give them strengths for new games and victories.
The Grand Plaza welcomes all the guests, but it has some rules that all the clients should follow. For example, one of the rules concerns the dress code: the guests do not have to wear long evening dresses or expensive tuxedos, but sport clothing is also not advisable. The best choice for the casino is something elegant, comfortable and a little festive.
The comfortable and chic VIP hall is a great place for the players who are professionals in gambling, know how to treat money and to win impressive prizes. The hospitable hall and first-class service disposes to good rest and pungent emotions.
One of the distinguishing features of the Grand Plaza is a nice chill out area with soft lights, delicate aromas of good cigarettes and cigars, relaxing music and great choice of refreshments. When one gambles, he or she experiences emotional overexertion that is pleasant, but still one needs to make little breaks before the games and relax. The chill out room is perfect not only for a great rest, but also for conversations with friends and sharing experience, luck and joy.
The Grand Plaza is considered to be one of the best entertainment centers in Kiev. It contains not only a luxurious casino, but also a restaurant, a coffee shop and a bar with a rich choice of drinks. Unstained reputation, perfect security system, irreproachable service and cheerful public make the Grand Plaza a very nice place for spending one's spare time.

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