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 Ganesha Lounge-bar
Address: 11 Artema St.
Phone: 38-044-2123813
Working hours: Daily, from 18:00

Ganesha is an Indian god of wisdom, patron of trade and travelers, the one who helps to overcome obstacles. Ganesha is usually depicted with an elephant head. He is one of the most honored Indian gods: people pray to Ganesha when they are going to undertake an important business or when they expect some significant event.
The Ganesha lounge-bar is decorated in Eastern style. It features a large figure of Ganesha who watches over the guests of the club. Since Ganesha is considered to be the god of abundance, the visitors of the club believe that touching the large sculpture of Indian god will make them more successful and wealthy. The club gives an impression of a very cozy place, though it is not too large at all. The area of the club is organized in a very convenient way, so the Ganesha is never too overcrowded. It consists of numerous cozy corners, soft sofas and niches with small tables. The dance floor is constructed so that many clubbers can have a good time at once. The bar area is decorated in a very unusual way, since the bar floor level is lower than the main floor.
Music in the club is not aggressive at all. Lounge is a very popular style in the club, but the clubbers party to the sounds of modern dance compositions performed by local DJs. Russian and European DJs regularly play in the Ganesha, too.
The public that regularly visits the Ganesha lounge-bar consists of young, progressive and creative people. Every evening one can see in the Ganesha stylish persons with beautiful haircuts, arriving in nice cars. Still and all anyone, regardless his or her financial situation, will feel the cheerful and friendly atmosphere of the Ganesha. Money is not the main object in the club, but individuality, sense of humor and respect to other guests are appreciated. Prices in the bar are more than reasonable for the venue of such a type.
The Ganesha lounge-bar features everything necessary for having fun. It organizes various events and parties that fit the club's atmosphere. Sometimes one can see here girls dressed like Indian dancers performing belly dances or persons smoking hookahs. Anyone who comes to the Ganesha will have a good time and make new acquaintances.

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