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Botanical Garden of the
 Ukrainian Academy of Science

Address: 1 Timiryazevskaya St.
Phone: 380-44-2954105

In Kiev, there are several botanical gardens: the one named after academic Fomin, the State Botanical Garden, and the Botanical Garden of the Ukrainian Academy of Science. The last one is probably the most picturesque garden in Kiev: the garden not only contains various kinds of plants, but also neighbors with the beautiful Vidubitsky monastery.
The Botanical Garden of the Ukrainian Academy of Science is also called the Central Botanical Garden. It was founded in 1936. Its total area equals 130 hectares and contains over 13,000 kinds and sorts of trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants from all the world continents. The Botanical Garden boasts a great amount of coniferous trees, flowers, such as peonies, roses, magnolias, and bushes, like lilac, locust and many other plants. The garden contains a number of hothouses, conservatories, greenhouses and rosaries. It is the place where the guests can see exotic plants, attend the flowers exhibitions, take a walk along the beautiful lilac and rose alleys, enjoy the exquisite scents and aromas.
Close to the Botanical Garden of the Ukraine Academy of Science there is a majestic Vidubitsky monastery, which was founded by the son of Yaroslav Mudry, Vsevolod, between 1070 and 1077. The name of the monastery comes from old Slavic legend about the pagan god Perun, who swam out of the Dnepr River, but was defeated by Prince Vladimir, who was against pagan idols and made Russia an Orthodox country. "Vidubat" means "swimming out" in Old Slavic, thus the name of the monastery constructed on the legendary site of Perun and Vladimir battle. In the times of Old Rus near the monastery used to be the passage through the Dnepr River. Vidubitsky monastery got its modern look in the 18th century, when the five-domed Georgievsky Cathedral, the refectory and the belfry were put up. They are examples of the Ukrainian baroque architectural style.
The Central Botanical Garden and adjoining Vidubitsky monastery create a charming and unique corner of Kiev, which is perfect for family rest or spending some time alone with nature and surrounding beauty.

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