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Hyrdopark is a very nice place, where the guests can find several clean beaches, restaurants, sport grounds, various roller coasters for kids, walking zones and other entertainments. The Hydropark features a unique sport ground under the open air. This is very attractive for those who follow a healthy way of life. Hydropark often holds various unusual exhibitions, especially during late spring and summer. For example, the contest of sand sculpture regularly takes place on one of the Hydropark beaches. It is a very notable event in Kiev cultural life, and usually sculptors from many countries of the world participate in the contest. In the Hydropark various music concerts and festivals often take place, so this cozy corner of Kiev is full of fun and amusements.
The island that now is called Hydropark appeared as a consequence of floods of the 19th century. Because of frequent floods, the citizens of Kiev called this place Venice. In the 60s of the 20th century the territory of the modern Hydropark, the total area of which equals 188 hectares, was equipped with beaches and rest zones. The park is connected with the rest of the city by means of ferroconcrete bridge 144 meters long. Those who seek extreme feelings like to jump from the bridge to the Dnepr waters, but the guests who prefer less dangerous entertainments will also find occupation for his or her taste.
The Hydropark is an ideal place for a family rest, as it contains beaches equipped especially for the little kids, who enjoy water chutes and other attractions. Visitors to the park are welcome to rent a boat and flow along the river, admiring picturesque landscapes and enjoying romantic atmosphere. Those who like speed can rent a motor launch or try water skiing. When one is tired, he or she can choose from a large variety of bars, cafes and restaurants. In the evening the park turns into a disco zone: the nightclubs attract with their neon lights, and sometimes the parties take place under open air, which is especially pleasant during dark and warm nights.
The Hydropark gives an impression of a careless resort, where all the visitors, regardless their age, have a good time and enjoy their leisure. This place could be called the water kingdom, where all kinds of water amusements are available.

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