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International Exhibition Center
Address: 15 Brovarsky Ave.
Phones: 380-44-2011156, 380-44-2011161

The exhibition business in Ukraine has been going now through a regular stage of its development. Many companies have quit the market, and those who have stayed turned into professionals. Trade exhibitions on computer, construction and some other subjects felt tight with the possibilities available in Ukraine. So the necessity of new exhibition centers was obvious. Supported by Kiev City State Administration, the International Exhibition Center was incorporated in 1998 in order to carry out the construction of new exhibition ground on the Dnepr River's left side. The International Exhibition Center provides various services including: renting the IEC areas to organize fairs, shows, conferences, presentations and so on; renting offices; renting storage facilities; renting areas to locate restaurants, coffee shops, bars, arcades; organization of international exhibitions, congresses, symposia, conferences, presentations; advertising services.
The IEC is an exhibition complex with a total area of 25,617 square meters and total exhibition area of 10,500 square meters. The pavilions are equipped with voltage supply of 220 V and 380 V, up-to-date ventilation and air conditioning system, vast storage facilities, elevators and motor freight transport access capability, post, telephone, Internet, service center, conference rooms, press center. Also there are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, snack bars, shops, offices, cloakrooms and lavatories located on the territory of the International Expo Center. The Expo Center provides its visitors with parking places and is located in the immediate proximity to the hotels Tourist, Adria, Bratislava and Slavutitch.
The center holds a number of the most important exhibitions in Ukraine, trade fairs and industrial forums, including International Water Forum AQUA Ukraine, International AGROFORUM, International Protection Technologies Exhibition Forum, International Industrial Forum "Production and Safety" and International specialized exhibition called "CommunTech".

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