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The ExpoPlaza Exhibition Center was designed and built specially for conducting international trade shows, exhibitions, fairs, presentations, and other events. For this moment it is the largest and most modern trade show venue in Ukraine. It embodies all the latest achievements in international construction and engineering technologies and ten years of experience in the Ukrainian exhibition business.
The ExpoPlaza Center was opened in February, 2003. During the spring of 2003, it hosted 14 national and international exhibitions and became Ukraine's number one trade show venue.
The new exhibition center has laid down a strong foundation for the further development of the exhibition business in this country. The Kiev ExpoPlaza features three exhibition halls. Each hall has four separate entrances allowing up to 4 exhibitions to be carried out in one time or for a large exhibition to be split into specialized expositions, each with its own entrance. The exhibitions halls are equipped with a branched supply network for electricity, water, sewage, phone communications, and Internet. Unique temperature-control technology integrates heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The halls are designed for minimal sound reverberation. They are also outfitted with fire protection and alarm systems.
The ExpoPlaza features three conference rooms, all of which are equipped with high-quality audio and video equipment, allowing up to 5 different events to take place at the same time. One of the distinguishing features of the hall is that large congresses can be carried out here. Larger receptions can seat up to 1,000 persons.
The Plaza Restaurant is located in the mezzanine of the Hall 1 and provides guests with daily lunch buffets. Evening banquets are organized for up to 200 persons and buffet receptions for up to 300 persons.

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