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One of the oldest department stores of Kiev, the Ukraine, was built in 1960-1966. It was closed in April 2002 and opened again a year later, in April 2003, amazing citizens and guests to the city with the beauty and up-to-dateness of its interiors. The general reconstruction turned a typical soviet department store into ultramodern recreation and shopping center. The area of the department has been doubled and now amounts to 42,291 square meters. The enormous scale of the reconstruction works can be demonstrated with the fact that the electrical energy consumption of the new shopping center equals to that of a whole Kiev district.
Nowadays the Ukraine offers citizens and guests of the city five floors of shopping space, a supermarket, a drugstore, a bookstore, fast foods, a thematic restaurant and a disco. Besides there is a cinema with four modern cinema halls provided with the state-of-the-art equipment.
We'll try to sketch a plan of the complex. The first floor of the Ukraine is the floor of high fashion and elite wares by world-famous producers. There best men's and women's clothes, perfumery, jewelry and gifts can be bought. On the second floor there are sport wares and clothes for teenagers, and on the third floor one can buy household products and visit the children supermarket. On the forth floor there modern cinema, comprising 4 cinema halls and seating up to 400 viewers, is situated. Besides, there are several fast foods, thematic restaurant and a disco. The ground floor, which is open round the clock, houses a supermarket, a bookstore and a drugstore.
While the Ukraine shopping and recreation center is situated in the very center of the city, close to Kiev main thoroughfares, the modern parking lot was just urgent. It features 400 parking spaces and several levels, each of which boasts a convenient entrance to the shopping center.
The Ukraine, a grand shopping and recreation center of Kiev, has become a modern landmark of the capital.

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