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Address: Bessarabskaya Square
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For several decades the vast territory in the center of Kiev was on the decline, until at the end of the 1990s the construction of a modern shopping and recreation center was started. The old buildings were restored and the underground shopping area under Bessarabskaya Square and Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya Street was created.
The first customers walked around the cutting-edge shopping center in December, 2001, and a year later, in August, 2002, the solemn opening of the shopping center and the final completion of all construction works was celebrated.
The largest shopping and recreation center in Kiev was generously provided with the state-of-the-art equipment. The spacious and light halls became venue for all kind of stores, express-cafes, fast foods, restaurants, disco, slot machines halls and centers of consumer services. Many of the establishments work around the clock and welcome visitors at any time of the day and night.
The inner spaces are divided in quarters, and there are the gift quarter, the clothes and shoes quarter, the sport quarter, the book quarter, the boutique quarter, the service quarter, the furniture quarter, etc. This is very convenient, since you don't have to stroll around the many-leveled shopping center if you need an unusual present or sandals. The thematic grouping of the stores saves customers' time and provides pleasant impression of attentive care to each guest.
The simple enumeration of stores housed in the Metrograd shopping center would make the extensive list, so we would name only some of them. The gifts and souvenirs you can find in Monte Cristo boutique, Derby, Kangol Satlia, Konstantino, Paris Beaute, Seiko Clock. Fabiani, Madoc, Massimo, Piacenza, Promise and other stores welcome you to choose from the great assortment of clothes and shoes that caters for different tastes and styles. The aim of bright and attractive shopping areas of the Children Quarter is to make the fashion-conscious kids look cooler and to make the life of their parents easier. The best brands, including Paco Rabanne, Pich & Gana, Para Solo, and others, offer a great range of clothes, from smart to street wear, toys and accessories for kids of all ages. Besides, there is a playroom with a great number of toys and attractions. Sport clothes and equipment for active rest you'll find in the Sport Quarter, where the Lotto, Medisana, Station One, Intersport and Stayer are gathered. If you don't want to spend extra money, don't even enter the Boutique Quarter, which enchants the visitors with the splendor of the top world brands. To walk there and resist the temptation to buy something is practically impossible.
The 12th Quarter is ideal for those who are not quite sure what they exactly need. The stores in this quarter are arranged according to the geographical location. So far there are 6 zones that correspond to Turkey, Italia, France, Poland, Germany and Ukraine. Accademia, Axiom, Biblos, Cerutti, Falconi, Dolce Vita, RoccoBarocco, Valentini, Sportstaff, Teddi, Lucas, Lincolor, Susan Small, Nemo represent Italy; Laboratoiers Sarbec, Jacomo, Faust, Seven, Bernard Florentin, Paco Rabane, 100% Femini, Cop Copin are the leading stores of France; Triumph, Dim-Dim, Northland, Happy Rain, Dallas, Apella, Romanson remind of Germany.
The Metrograd shopping center boasts a convenient parking lot and other facilities that will make every shopping a great event.

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