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Address: 3 Bazhana Ave.
Phone: 380-44-5626756
Working hours: 24 hours a day

The Splitto is a billiard club that is specially created and designed for young people. It is a place where one can hang out, relax and talk to friends and colleagues in a spontaneous and informal atmosphere. People of older generations also appreciate this club.
Every billiard buff will find there something special and close to him. There are various billiard tables, including 12 feet tables for Russian billiard and 6 and 9 feet tables for pool. The bar, located in this club, is not only a place where one can have a tasty snack and a drink. This place is also perfectly suited for business meetings in an informal atmosphere. Various parties and celebrations also can be held there. The bar is equipped with jukeboxes and TVs. One can watch favorite sport competitions on TV or listen to favorite sounds.
The Splitto also features a computer hall with access to Internet. The price policy of the club is aimed at young persons so the prices in billiard hall, computer hall and bar are quite reasonable.

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