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Address: 2/8 Veshnyakovsya St.
Phone: 380-44-5656559

The Buffalo Billiard Club, located on Veshnyakovskaya Street, is equipped according to modern standards and features high-quality billiard tables.
The cozy billiard hall is specially designed for an exiting and thrilling play. All necessary conditions are created there for those who want to concentrate on the play and enjoy it completely. There is also a VIP hall with a unique billiard table, which was designed in the 19th century and dates back to 1834. The VIP hall is right for the real connoisseurs of the game.
To relax after a good play there is a bar, serving excellent cuisine and offering a wide selection of drinks. The bar is a perfect place to enjoy time in company of friends or colleagues.
The club has also something to offer to the lovers of ancient tradition of hookah smoking. There is a special hall where one can find fine hookahs with a good selection of various aromatic tobacco blends. Especially for those who came by car there is a convenient parking lot right by the club.

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