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Kiev Art Gallery
Address: 17 Nizhni Val
Phones: 38-044-4160183, 38-044-4173578

Kiev Art Gallery offering various works of art to everyone's taste is a modern American and Ukrainian joint project. The gallery works with similar companies in the field of art promotion and selling all over the world. The art presented here is suitable for home interiors, office decorations, as it helps to make a really sophisticated and luxurious present. The works of the best Ukrainian artists as well as of artists from other countries are represented in the gallery.
There is also an ability to perform individual orders, and experienced specialists in the field of art are always willing to help. They can create the unique style for your apartment or office and to select the paintings of the same style or themes, such as flowers, animals, mountain landscape or marine and so on to embellish the walls. Also there is an ability to order a variety of icons executed in accordance to ancient traditions of icon painting - the family icons, the ones depicting the Savoir, holiday or gift icons. Kiev Art Gallery accomplishes any orders and suggestions at really high creative level.
The gallery is located in the 19th century building in Nizhni Val Street in Podol, a historical district of the Ukrainian capital. A lot of ancient cultural monuments and famous landmarks of great tourist interest are located there. Podol was always an artistic district of the Ukrainian capital and one of the most favorite places of artists, actors and musicians. A lot of embassies, including the Embassy of the United States, museums, banks and other establishments are located very close to the gallery.
This famous gallery works only with the best Ukrainian and foreign artists, including such famous names as Vasyl Lopata, Anatoliy Gaidamaka, Ilya Glasunov and other artists.

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