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The 7-story Mandarin-Plaza shopping center is conveniently located quite close to the city center, in the Bessarabsky area. The modern hi-tech glass and metal construction crowned with the conical tower arose above the historical Starokievsky district in the first years of the new millennium. Adorned with granite and ceramics, the facade of the modern building corresponds to the baroque surrounding of the Bessarabsky area. Architects have called the Mandarin-Plaza shopping center the "Kiev eclectic of the 20th-21st centuries". The hi-tech interior boasts an abundant use of chrome-plated metal and tinted glass that creates modern and light interiors. The impressive many-story atrium with panoramic elevators and the galleries of shopping arcades form the compositional center of the Mandarin-Plaza.
The center features numerous stores, offering goods of every sort and kind. Boutiques, the sanctuaries of high fashion, present the latest collections of the world-renowned designers. Such names as Valentino, Givenchy, Calvin Klein speak for themselves. Palmers, Marc Aurel, Paul & Shark, Envy, Basler, La Perla, Quattro Stagioni, Maxmara, Wolford, Giantranco Ferre, Roberto Botticelli are just a few names from the extensive range of world leaders presented in this shopping center. The Mandarin-plaza offers a hard-to-match selection of jewelry, spectacles, cosmetics and perfumery.
The Children Daniel Club makes the shopping center an attractive destination for family shopping. There you can organize a holiday for your child, enjoy the vitamin-bar, computer games, karaoke, exciting weekends with the characters of Walt Disney cartoons. Babysitting service for the children at the age up to 6 years is available.
The Eurostar Salon, located on the 4th floor of the center, welcomes you to the world of music. The counter with CD ranging from classics to trance and soul, modern CD-players, extremely comfortable sofas reminding of a good lounge-cafe, stylish tables and a bar, offering coffee and 37 sorts of tea are just a few strokes to the portrait of the Eurostar.
On the three top floors there is a first-class restaurant Oranzhereya that modestly positions itself as a cafe-club. Light and airy fist-floor allures the passers-by with the comfortable seats hidden in the seclusion of numerous curtains and hangings. On the first level you can find a stage, a dance floor, a bar and a sushi-bar. The ethnical decor featuring many allusions to bright and sunny Latin America disposes to relaxation, conversation and meditation. During the parties the second level serves as a chill-out room. The last floor offering breathtaking panorama view is meant for the VIP-guests. But the pleasant setting of the Oranzhereya is only scenery for gastronomic theatre. The cuisine is creative and bold in its minimalism. Italian Chef Franco Malacisa offers you to admire and savoir masterpieces of European, Mediterranean, Thai, Japanese and Argentinean cuisines.

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