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Address: 13 Krasnykh Kazakov Ave
Phone: 380-44-4646901
Working hours: 24 hours everyday

The Mayak Billiard Club is one of the most prestigious in Ukraine. Interiors of the club are executed in classical billiard tradition: the heavy claret curtains are in perfect harmony with green textile of tables.
Ukrainian competitions among club teams and regular Moscow Pyramid tournaments are usually held there with the support of Kiev Billiard Sports Federation.
All modern kinds of billiard games are presented there, including democratic American pool, conservative English snooker and hazardous Russian pyramid. Everyone will find a game that he likes in the club. The perfect game equipment corresponds to the international standards.
Unlike many other Kiev billiard clubs Mayak offers refined and elegant dinner menu. Dining in a restaurant, located in the club, is a whole ceremony. The menu features traditional Ukrainian, European and Russian dishes and a broad selection of wines and cognacs.
This Mayak is distinguished for its calm atmosphere and high-quality service and is perfectly suited for a family rest.

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