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The deluxe sauna Coliseum offers friendly atmosphere and multifarious amenities for good rest and stress reducing. The entrance to the sauna is designed as a bank of a mountain river, which creates a special mood and the foretaste of the upcoming rest.
The Finnish sauna is made of quality deciduous trees and stylized as a little wood house. The walls of the Coliseum are decorated with paintings, which also promote relaxation and calmness. The swimming pool is perfectly combined with wall paintings and creates an illusion of a natural water source. The swimming pool is equipped with hydro-massage system and the underwater light creating comfort and allowing experiencing ineffable feelings while bathing.
On the second floor of the Coliseum there is a lounge area with a fireplace that tones with home coziness and warmness. Those who like to play billiards appreciate the room with a large table and billiards equipment. The variety of alcohol drinks and beverages are available upon request. Fast and qualitative service is an integral characteristic of the Coliseum.
A separate room is intended especially for those who need some solitude and quietness. The room features unusual design, which represents the mirror ceiling, wall paintings and dark blue colors, creating an illusion of a starlit night. The guests enjoy the comfortable furniture, relaxing music and other amenities. The cheerful personnel will be happy to deliver delicious dishes and drinks to the room.
The sauna Coliseum is a very good place to relax and have a good time in nice environment and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of benevolence and hospitality.

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