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Ukrainian Museum of
 Historical Treasures

Address: 25 Sichnego Povsstaniya St

Ukrainian Museum of Historical Treasures (Scythian Gold) is located in the Pecherskaya lavra, the Monastery of Caves, and has one the richest collections of golden articles in the FSU countries. The works of the jewelers from the earliest periods of Ukrainian history were gathered and carefully kept for years. Exhibits, presented in the museum, include the famous treasures from the Gaimanov burial mound and Tolstaya burial mound, gigantic Scythian barrows, dating back to the fourth century before Christ. The exhibits tell about well-developed culture of Scythes, ancient inhabitants of South-Ukrainian steppes. Among the museum's treasures there is the whole burial of a Scythian queen with her child from Tolstaya barrow. The collection of burial treasures includes a gold sheath of a Scythian short sword (akinaka), decorated with relieves, openwork masks, golden plaques and pendants, and an impressive relic of ancient jewelry, a massive gold grivna, a pectoral, breast ornament, with scenes of Scythian life and mythology. These treasures date back to the fourth century B.C.
Articles from the burial mounds of Samaritan queens are of special artistic interest. These exhibits date back from the 1st century B.C. to the 1st-2nd centuries of our era and include ancient Greek, Persian and Indian jewelry and embellishments. There are also substantial gold ornaments, dating back from the 4th to the early 8th centuries, decorated with pearls and gems from the prosperous treasure, which was founded near the Hlodosa village in Kirovograd district. The great skills of Kievan jewelers are demonstrated by golden shoulder bands (barmy), temple pendants, a diadem found in Sakhnovka village, and other articles accomplished in the graceful cloisonne technique.
Ukrainian Museum of Historical Treasures also features exhibits, representing Ukrainian gold and silversmiths, dating from the 14th to 16th centuries. Ukraine has an old tradition of jewelry and gold and silverware making. These traditions come from the time of Kiev Rus, when the experience Byzantine masters enriched old Slavic background with acceptance of Christianity. These articles include settings and frameworks for icons and religious books embellished with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and pearls. The collection also includes the real masterpieces of jewelry made by Kievan masters Ivan Ravich, Ivan Moshchenko, Mefody Narbutovich, and others.

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