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ARTEast Gallery
Address: 13 Reytarskaya St.
Phone: 38-044-2296552

At the turn of the 20th century the building number 13 on Reytarska Street, which is the present location for ARTEast Gallery, was considered the center of the cultural life in the capital of Ukraine. The building housed Ballet Studio, owned by Yuriy Davydov, and Opera Studio.
The uniquely organized Ballet School later became a prototype for a lot of schools around the world. It offered multi-sided education that consisted not only of ballet studies but also of grammar, foreign languages, singing and recitation. Moreover, the only criterion of ballet master Illya Chestyakov was talent, so his tuition was free, which was rather unusual for that time.
Chestyakov's students were demanded all around the world and many of them participated in the creation of ballet companies in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Warsaw, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, London and New York. His awareness is still widely used today especially in Kiev National Opera and Ballet Theatre.
The famous building on Reytarska Street has a special significance in the culture and history of Ukraine, as it gathered and created the talents of the world.
Nowadays ARTEast Gallery located in this building exclusively represents premium artists. It features classical, contemporary art, socialist realism and folk art. It also specializes in promotion and selling Ukrainian art since 1992. The director of ARTEast Gallery is famous for organizing the first art auction in Ukraine that was a benefit for the Ukrainian National Fine Arts Museum.
A lot of art lovers consider ARTEast Art Gallery to be the best in Ukraine. It holds a leading position in representing the best of national art to Ukrainian public and foreign connoisseurs as well. All exhibits represented in the gallery are the authentic works of well-established artists, members of the Ukrainian Union of Artists. Many of them have been awarded the top prizes on various national and international exhibits and art contests.

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