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As compared with large cities of the world, Kiev is quite a safe city. Crime in respect of foreigners adds up with pick pocketing and cheating in the markets. It is mainly due to the fact that offensive weapons are illegal both to have and carry in public.
In order to avoid pick pocketing, one should keep any valuables, important documents and money in a safe place and not to flaunt in public. A special money holder can be a good choice. Today you can buy it almost in every local shop for travelers.
There are some security points that one should remember to be safe in Ukraine.
First, upon your arriving check your luggage and other belongings. If something is missing do not hesitate to contact an airport or train station official.
Second, keep your bags and pockets closed and try to store important documents or money in a safe deposit boxes at a hotel. Wear valuables only in special holders for travelers.
Third, never exchange money in not authorized locations. Illegal exchange is considered to be a criminal offence in Ukraine. Besides, you can be badly "done" by illegal money-changers.
If you happen to be a victim of a crime, it's necessary to immediately contact the nearest consulate and report the crime to the local police.

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