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Prior to visiting Ukraine or any other foreign country, it is suggested that you learn some basic rules of etiquette used in the country you plan to go. Our simple recommendations will help you avoid some uncertainty you might have under certain conditions when in Ukraine.
Visiting someone in Ukraine it is advisable to bring a gift with you. It need not be expensive at all. Even a bottle of wine or chocolate would be a good choice. If you want to bring flowers, do not forget that even number of flowers is intolerable. If you go for a date, flowers are indeed required.
Ukrainians do not wear shoes in their home. So upon entering someone's home, be prepared to leave your footwear. As a rule, you will be offered a pair of home slippers.
If you are planning to go to Kiev's nightclubs, casinos and some other places, be prepared that your bag or coat could be checked for security purposes.
Ukrainians people are rather superstitious about doing some things. Shaking hands right over the threshold or whistling in-doors, for example, is usually considered bad luck.
When you go for a date with a women remember the following. Not to offer one's hand to a woman out of transport is considered a bad manner. Do not forget to offer a woman's coat upon leaving a theatre or restaurant.
Upon entering a Ukrainian church men should not forget to take off their hats.

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