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Money Matters

 Credit Cards

There are three main credit cards accepted in major restaurants, stores, hotels and other venues. These are Visa, MasterCard and Eurocard. However, note that credit cards are not widely in use in Ukraine and sometimes they will not be accepted (particularly if the matter concerns smaller shops, cafes and remote areas). We recommend that you always have some cash at hand in case your credit card won't be accepted.
If you have some local store credit cards, it's better to leave them at home, as you will not need such cards in Ukraine.
In case your credit card was stolen, you may immediately call the issuing bank (the bank's number is on the back of your card, so it's better to write this down somewhere else in order you can find the number fast). An emergency credit card can be delivered to you within one or two days, depending upon the bank policy.
Finally, it's a good idea to have a different credit card as a backup. With a different card you will have access to more machines. And if you have, for example, AMEX card, take Visa or MasterCard as an alternative, as American Express and Diner are less popular in Ukraine than those ones.
In conclusion we must say that Ukraine operates primarily on a cash economy. You should be very careful using your credit card, and it is much recommended not to use it in any shady places.

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