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Museums in Kiev    
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Bulgakov Memorial Museum
Address: 13 Andreevsky Spusk
Phone: 380-44-4163188

Kiev Museum of Wax Figures
Address: 11 B. Khmelnitskogo St.
Phone: 380-44-2351315, 380-44-2434838

Kiev Museum of Western and Oriental Art
Address: 15 Tereshenkovskaya St.
Phone: 380-44-2353290, 380-44-2350206, 380-44-2240680

Memorial Museum Kiev Fortress
Address: 24 Hospitalnaya St.
Phone: 380-44-2350146

Museum of Cultural Heritage
Address: 40-B Moskovskaya St.
Phone: 380-44-2906418

National Art Museum of Ukraine
Address: 6 Grushevskogo St.
Phone: 380-44-2286429

National Museum of Medicine of Ukraine
Address: 37 B. Hmelnitskogo St.
Phone: 380-44-2231574, 380-44-2242912

National Museum of Russian Art
Address: 9 Tereshchenkovskaya St.
Phone: 380-44-2246218
National Museum of Ukrainian Literature
Address: 11 Bogdana Khmelnitskogo St.
Phone: 380-44-2351296

One Street Museum
Address: 26 Andreevsky Spusk
Phone: 380-44-4165262

State Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art
Address: 21 Sichnego Povsstanniya
Phone: 380-44-2901343

State Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema of Ukraine
Address: 21/24 Sichnego Povsstanniya
Phone: 380-44-2905131

Ukrainian Museum of Books and Book-Printing
Address: 21/9 Sichnego Povsstanniya
Phone: 380-44-2907976

Ukrainian Museum of Historical Treasures
Address: 21/12 Sichnego Povsstanniya
Phone: 380-44-2902210

Taras Shevchenko State Museum
Address: 12 T. Shevchenko St.
Phone: 380-44-2242556

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