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Bravo Kiev Drama Theatre
 of Lyubov Titarenko

Address: 79 Olesya Gonchara St.
Phone: 38-044-2164022

Lyubov Titarenko once was an actress of the State Academic Russian Drama Theatre named after Lesya Ukrainka, but because of some reason she left it and created her own theatre, which has gone down in the history as the first private theatre of Kiev. At that time many skeptics, taking into consideration the communistic past and unstable present of the country, thought that this project would be doomed. While other invested money in cafes, shops and restaurants, Lyubov Titarenko established a theatre. Ignoring pessimistic prediction she worked hard, without relying on the support of the state, which didn't rank the culture among the priorities of the new policy. And soon the capital saw the first plays on the new stage.
While the theatre is private, Lyubov Titarenko, its artistic director and actress, is free to invite the actors she considers to be most suitable for particular roles. Besides, Lyubov Titarenko has assembled a wonderful company of four permanent actors - national actor of Ukraine Valery Sivach, Olga Radchuk, Anatoly Suchanov and Lyubov Titarenko herself. Other actors work on a contractual basis.
The extensive theatre repertoire represents mainly comedies by modern Ukrainian and foreign playwrights. There one can find the last play by Joe Orton What the Butler Saw, The Value of Love by Mikhail Zadornov, I Prepay by Nadezhda Ptushkina, Tanya-Tanya by Olya Muchina.
The play that aroused immense public interest was Napoleon and Josephine offering a marvelously entertaining glance into a past history from a fresh perspective. The play tells about the last days of outstanding general Bonaparte exiled to the island of St Helena. But according to this innovative interpretation of the past, Josephine is not Empress, but the poor war widow who had came to the island to claim compensation for her ruined life. She turned out to be the last muse of the greatest military leader of the 19th century.
The central theme of all the plays staged by the Bravo is the relationship between a man and a woman. The theme of love and sincerity run through the entire repertoire of the Bravo Theater. The performances, comedies and tragedies, are full with hope and certain optimism. As always the unexpectedly warm and life-celebrating heart of any, even the saddest, story is illuminated. The overall effect of all works is a powerful affirmation of the human spirit's unquenchable quest not only to survive but to be happy. The Bravo holds out hope. Maybe it's the secret of the theatre's popularity.
The house is full every night. Many viewers come back to see the same play several times.
Nowadays the Bravo Theatre is beyond comparison, as it is the only private commercial theatre in the capital of Ukraine.

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